Head Coach, Owner

Roberto is a former Marine with more than 15 years of experience in personal training and fitness instruction. Throughout his years of applying CrossFit philosophies, Roberto’s clients of varying fitness backgrounds, even those with little or no athletic experience, have all achieved amazing improvements in their strength and overall fitness. With CrossFit, clients with nagging injuries no longer experience the pain that they previously struggled to overcome.

Roberto is an avid obstacle-race competitor and is a member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe; his last race was the Spartan Beast in Killington, Vermont—a toughie! He is looking to repeat this accomplishment again next year, and to qualify for the 2020 NYC Marathon.  In his spare time, Roberto enjoys challenging others to handstand and L-sit duels, and watching UFC knockout videos.


Coach, Owner

Ashleigh is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer who also practiced and competed in gymnastics for 14 years, reaching Level 10 of 11 in USA Gymnastics. Her career also includes four years as an NCAA Division 1 gymnast at North Carolina State University, and one year as a member of the National Championship Gymnastics Club team at the University of Texas. Ashleigh also has experience in coaching gymnastics for young children ranging in age from 4 to 15.

Outside the world of the gym, Ashleigh masquerades as a forensic accountant at a New York-based accounting firm. She earned a Master in Professional Accounting from the University of Texas, which has led to way too many hours sitting at a desk. And so she strives to balance those desk hours with the active community at CrossFit SoBro!



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Ronny joined CrossFit SoBro in August 2013 purely out of intrigue, not really knowing what CrossFit was all about.  One online search and the rest was history!  After being active for most of his adult life, Ronny came into CrossFit SoBro with an optimistic mindset, and shortly after completing the Foundations course, he knew this is where he needed to be.

After years of learning and competing in CrossFit competitions repping CrossFit SoBro, Ronny decided he wanted to become a Coach, and earned his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate in March 2017.

The transition from athlete to coach has been most rewarding: “Having someone walk in as a client and leave an athlete is the most rewarding feeling.”



Juan began his CrossFit journey in January of 2014 when he randomly took advantage of a deal at a local box and was completely smoked by his initial workouts. After years of lacking motivation and consistency at the gym, he was so excited to finally find something that really worked, and he’s continued his training ever since. In February of 2017, he obtained his Level 1 certification with the goal of helping newcomers at Crossfit SoBro learn to train effectively and engage in healthy and active lifestyles.

Juan’s hobbies include hiking, going to the movies, and watching MMA, Yankees baseball, and The Office reruns on Netflix. Feel free to give him a shoutout and a fist bump when you see him at the box!



Will joined CrossFit SoBro in January 2014 after losing an obscene amount of weight in an effort to begin a healthy, active lifestyle. He got his Level 1 certification in January 2016 and his Gymnastics certification shortly thereafter. He loves motivating people to reach their highest potential and seeing the way that CrossFit can completely change people’s lives—inside and outside of the box.