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Four Ways To Have Your Beer, BBQ and Gains

We only have a few more weeks of summer left, whether or not you’re ready to talk about it. That means you’re probably scheduling in the last stretches of vacation, BBQs and nights out drinking. If you’re wondering how you can make the most of what’s left of summer AND stay on top of your […]

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Watch the CrossFit Games Live at The Bronx Box Sunday, August 6

The 2017 CrossFit Games are going down in Madison, Wisconsin from August 3rd through August 6th. For the first time, fans around the world can watch the whole competition online for free. Throughout the event, CBS Sports will also be providing additional coverage on television. But the best option would be for you to grab […]

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5 Ways to Train Smart in the Summer Heat

Even if you like the hot weather, training in it can feel terrible. Here are some tips to make training in the heat more bearable: Forget about waiting until the weather cools down: “Many (athletes) stop training when it’s extremely hot and voice the intention of starting back up once cooler weather arrives,” wrote Bill […]

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Get Ready to Rumble in the Bronx August 12

Are you the strongest male CrossFit athlete in the Bronx? In a few weeks, you’ll get your chance to prove it. Our first annual Rumble in the Bronx event is for athletes from CrossFit boxes throughout the borough and it will be held on August 12th. Winners get swag and bragging rights. When: Saturday, August 12, […]

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How to handle the post-WOD soreness

Even though I’ve been a CrossFit athlete for a little over a year now, that means I’m basically still a newbie. I’m OK with that. In fact, one of the things I like most about CrossFit is that I’m always learning more about what I’m capable of and what I still need to learn. But […]

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CrossFit for Kids vs. CrossFit for Adults | Teen Camp in July & August

Today is the first day of our first Teen Camp session at CrossFit SoBro! As our camp gets underway, it seemed like a good time to explore the differences between CrossFit for our younger athletes versus adult CrossFit classes. CrossFit Kids was launched in 2004, and is geared to youth between the ages of 3 […]

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How to CrossFit Without Getting Hurt

Anyone who does CrossFit who talks to other people who don’t do CrossFit usually will end up having a conversation about the safety of CrossFit workouts. If you’re like me, at least one person who has never done a CrossFit workout has talked to you about rhabdo, a condition that has been unfairly linked to […]

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Boogie on the Boulevard With Us August 20th

Save the date for Boogie on the Boulevard, the fun, free festival inspired by spirit of the Boogie Down Bronx! On Sunday, August 20th CrossFit SoBro will join our partners in boogie through a car-free zone to show you what CrossFit is all about. We will demonstrate some of our workouts and introduce you to the basic […]

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City Challenge Workout June 24th

The City Challenge Race is a popular obstacle course race coming to New York City on July 15th and we’re here to help you get ready for it. Some obstacle races include barbed wires or filthy mud. The City Challenge race is as clean as it is tough. There will be walls to scale, cargo […]

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