CrossFit SoBro is the original Box of the Bronx – the first to bring CrossFit to this diverse and unique community. We settled in 2013 on the fourth floor of an old and small space in Crotona Park, but we quickly blossomed and, with our new location in Port Morris, we are proud to be making our own contributions to the revitalization of the South Bronx.

Our members are rich in their diversity , coming from all parts of the Boogie Down and outer neighborhoods. This diversity is what fills our Box with a unique style and broad goals in health and fitness. It is because of our members that we are so passionate about improving health and fitness in the Bronx, where it is still more common to see fried food vendors, than healthy food for its streets.

At Crossfit SoBro, we follow the traditional CrossFit model – an incomparable fitness methodology. That is, we are not a typical gym; we do not have machines, televisions, or mirrors in which one can be distracted. In our gym we use bars, kettle-bells, medicine balls and the best machine of all, our bodies.

Not only will we run, jump and lift weights, but we also encourage each other. We support each other in their goals and celebrate until the last person standing. The camaraderie that develops when people face challenges together is a very important component. It is more because of this that our program is truly effective and special. We are not a typical gym; We are a community, a family improving together; We are #SOBROSTRONG and we are proud of this.