This a series of 6 small group sessions (8 person limit) in which we review the 9 Foundational CrossFit Movements, Advanced and Basic Weightlifting, Cardio-Respiratory Endurance, and Basic Gymnastics and Gymnastics Strength Training. As an introduction to the basic movements used in our Workout of the Day (WOD), our team of coaches will expose you to and ensure that you are comfortable with proper technique and execution of these movements before joining the group WODs. Foundations is required for all new members.*

You must commit to either a Morning Cycle (M/W/F: 7AM)Evening Cycle (M/W: 8PM; F: 7PM)  or Weekend Program (SAT & SUN: 3-6PM) to complete the Foundations Course. We start new weekday cycles every 2 weeks on Monday and weekend programs the first full weekend of each month. The 6 classes must be taken in order from class 1 to 6*. Upon completion, you may then participate in the Workout Of the Day by choosing from one of our several membership options. This 2-week course also includes access to our Open Gym times. Sign up for our next Foundations cycle here.